Mar Vista Acupuncture

Website Design for Mar Vista Acupuncture: Natural Solutions Promoting Overall Health

The Client
Mar Vista Acupuncture is based in Central Los Angeles, they specialize in natural solutions to promote overall health and relieve chronic conditions. Dr. Foster, with a doctorate in Integrative Chinese Medicine, has applied his expertise over the years to help numerous clients alleviate their daily pain.

The Goal
Dr. Foster’s old website was built in an outdated system, keeping most of the same contents he needed a complete cosmetic overhaul. With the development of the new website, he aimed to highlight specific services he offered.

The Result
Creating a bold appearance, using a shade of lime green to symbolize the natural approach his services embody. Designed various icons to represent the services offered in his business. I established a space to highlight his specific services, guiding users directly to where they needed to go. The client was thrilled with the redesign of his website and its bold new look.