Martone Cycling

Martone’s bicycles uniquely double as accessories and statement pieces. Contemporary city goers know they can travel short distances while expressing their personality through the flashy bike frame colors that make Martone a household name. This air of confidence and bold personality was the inspiring muse of this campaign to help further the recognition of this brand.

This print campaign showcases close ups of Martone bikes with contrasting color in the background to mimic the modern confidence this brand owns. “Style On Wheels” reinforces the point that this bike was made to shine as a fashion statement.

Online Contest

Martone Cycling enjoys giving away free bicycles. They also enjoy building their on-line media presence. For this contest, participants visited one of the company’s social media profiles. By employing “like”, “heart” or “tweet”, they were entered to win a bicycle. The contest rules, posted on facebook, helped participants enter to win Martone’s signature Gramercy bicycle.