Branding Identity, Campaign

Predatorial Prints

In the animal kingdom, there is a food chain. Atop that food chain stands the Apex Predator. Apex Predators are highest in the food chain; no other creatures prey upon them. They are kings presiding over their own kingdoms, where the control of dynamics is left to them. Whether it be a lion, tiger, or bear, the predator rises to the top of the food chain and transcends all. The following images are a series of prints, where each predator design rules their own 11×17 print.  

As a designer, I have heavily drawn inspiration from various forms of nature. My focus on animal forms in design make compositions of higher depth. Geometric forms and layouts are a common theme in my work. In “Predatorial Prints,” I married the two prevalent themes by combining animal forms with geometric designs. My intent was to create abstract designs that viewers would apply to personal experience.