Runway is a fashion show for State University of New York College at Buffalo’s Fashion and Textile Technology Department (SUNY Buffalo) . The work of Senior Fashion Students is showcased on their own runway. Each year a new theme is chosen for Runway. In 2016, the theme was Ecolution, a combination of Ecology and Evolution, focusing on changing the apparel industry’s state of mind from wasteful to thoughtful. Thoughtful fashion design blends conscious decisions about consumer’s purchases with designers utilizing  and tactfully producing waste.

The floral pattern chosen reflects the earthiness of Ecolution while pastel colors represent the muted prints fabricated in the fashion throughout the show. Posters for the show feature models in outfits with floral prints subtly applied to the background in lavender overlays, highlighting the dominant colors.


I was tasked with creating the overall branding for the event, and building the look of Ecolution. Branding and promotional materials included the logo, poster, social media advertisements, program sheet, and the 40+page lookbook. Certain assets were provided including the photography, which is drawn from the previous year’s collection.


Another major component for Runway was the annual 40+ page lookbook; a collection of concepts, photographs, styles, and articles explaining Runway Ecolution. The book was sold after the show to those who wanted a more in depth look at Runway. It explained the overall theme of Ecolution and what specifically influenced the fashion show and its designers. SUNY Buffalo’s Fashion Department was also highlighted in the lookbook, explaining their journey to bringing Runway to life and all of the extensive tasks involved. The end of the lookbook is home to the senior collection. The senior collection, showcasing the style and inspiration that spurred each designer’s runway creations.

The floral pattern and lavender color utilized in the lookbook’s design to create an engaging experience for viewers. Select pages were styled with floral decals to give breathing room between content, and to keep the reader engaged through the use of intrinsic patterns. For the senior collection pages, I drew colors from  individual fashions and added them across the pages to personalize.