Branding Identity

My Time at Synacor

I interned at Synacor from June through November 2016. Synacor was going through a rebranding process. I worked in a small, close-knit creative team to produce company–wide branded content and documentation. We supported asset creation for digital experiences used by clients such as AT&T and other major telecommunication companies. Additionally, I created assets for various departments throughout the company including cover letters, letterheads, company flowcharts, and an assortment of promotional posters.



Flow Chart

Synacor’s flow chart (shown above) explores company functions when tasked with a new project. Creating this flowchart took an in–depth understanding to the process and procedures the company follows chipping away at extensive projects. The chart displays how Synacor works in an “agile” manner. The production is segmented, each piece is reworked to perfection, and all pieces combine to form the end product.

Team Handbook

The Team Handbook contains all Synacor policies. It is usually given to new employees, however current employees may receive them also. The book is divided into a few major sections, each equipped with their very own form of representational photography. Full of engaging imagery, the Handbook provides a light and airy view of the dense policies employees might normally find dull to read. Breaking up content was also achieved by sub–headlines with the brand’s prominent red colored text. The Handbook’s intent was to encourage employees to reading its content, which can be monopolizing if not designed carefully.