Pygmy Guides

Website Design: Pygmy Guides, Grand Canyon Tours & Camping

The Client
Pygmy Guides offers a variety of Grand Canyon tours, ranging from hiking to overnight backpacking. Whether you’re seeking an overnight backpacking adventure to the remote reaches of the Grand Canyon, a leisurely day tour along the rim, or a day hike to uncover hidden secrets and stunning inner canyon vistas.

The Goal
The client was using an outdated site platform and sought a complete refresh of the website. One of the main goals was to showcase the scenic moments from their various hikes. They also wanted to focus on promoting and selling specific tours.

The Result
We utilized the client’s imagery to create a layout that takes users on a visual journey through what Pygmy Guides has to offer. I created a dedicated area to highlight specific tours that the client wanted users to focus on. Created a gallery to showcase the client’s ever-expanding collection of photos from their tours.