Branding Identity

Resort Branding

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the luxury resort Oceanus needed a brand tone that embraced the rich art, history, and mythology of Santorini, Greece. Combining the old world architecture of Greece and modern styles of present Western culture sculpted a fresh take on Mediterranean travel, while maintaining the memorable qualities of the past. Oceanus was built with the old architectural wonders long studied in history books, and throughout the resort are sculptures featuring a modernistic interior decor.

Combining old world architecture with modern styles to give a memorable experience.


Oceanus is the name of the great titan that rules over the sea in Greek Mythology. Pottery art and patterns from Greek history are incorporated into the design of the logo’s “O” to create a signature symbol carried throughout the branding. The rich clear blue colors of the Mediterranean Sea inspired the teal color usage. Throughout the branding ancient Greek marble statues are used as consistent imagery of classical architecture infused with modern style.


Style Guide

Oceanus is equipped with a style guide explaining the proper usage of logos, colors, imagery, and design utilities. The booklet is 6×5 inches making it efficiently storable and portable.


The print materials for Oceanus contain classic Greek marble figures that are stylized with the signature “O” giving them 3 dimensional attributes. The use of descriptive words explains the luxury of resorts and the feeling of satisfaction granted to those who choose Oceanus. These definitions welcome those who seek a true oasis near the sea for vacation amidst bliss.

Web Materials

The website for Oceanus features imagery seen while guests are staying on resort grounds. Beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and cuisines can be seen in the websites photo gallery. While staying at the resort, guests can also download an activity app that shows all the activities and events offered. The mobile app is explained to guests while checking in; it displays the weekly excursions and deals on the resort grounds, with events in chronological order so guests won’t miss out on anything.


This short promotional video was made to be aired on national television to advertise the resort. The scenes are taken from stock footage to advertise the beautiful views of the Mediterranean and the classic architecture. The Oceanus logo was animated in the end with a masking effect to breath life into the logo.