Branding Identity

Wicked Tricks, Smart Treats

Wicked Smart Cafe & Bakery of Phoenix, Arizona attracts a young crowd with their assortment of colorful dessert, fulfilling guilty sugary pleasures. The color palette for the bakery’s design is drawn from the bright pastel frostings added to each tasty treat. “Wicked” is expressed with a skull, while reading glasses emphasize “Smart”, and the cupcake characterizes all the treats made in the bakery.

Bright pastel frostings used in actual desserts from the Wicked Smart Café & Bakery inspired the creamy color pallet of soft pinks and silky blues. A mix of icons represent the variety of different products Wicked Smart has to offer. An online menu, featured on their website, showcases photos from the bakery, daily menus, and every other goody they have in store.